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After cornering the market with some major international corporations––Google, Microsoft, Lego and Red Bull––and having slowly integrated the daily life of successful California startups, the business slide arrives with its customized and 100% made in France version, the IronSlide!

Unrivalled and impressive, the business slide developed for architectural projects is still a UFO in the corporate world and sparks curiosity and wonder for all.

Today, the IronSlide designs are becoming the focus of attention thanks to their originality and can transform a functional need into a unique and impressive architectural component!  Never seen on the French market until now, the IronSlide business slides give you the opportunity to create limitless forms while providing your company with unparalleled exposure!



Outfitted with an IronSlide creation, your company not only has access to a unique architectural component but also benefits from a more unusual promotional tool!

A customized design such as an IronSlide product definitively allows your company to assert its standing and its identity as a resourceful, innovative and forward-looking business.

By giving your employees an original and recreational structure in their very workspace, you will assert your singularity and your drive to reinvent the corporate world, as well as your commitment to their wellbeing. 

In the footsteps of the best brands and startups, you will also contribute to the creation of a new business that is adapted to the new generation it must embrace and aware of its tastes, its needs and its objectives.





The engineers and architects involved in the design of your IronSlide article will assist you through every step of the project. 

From design to delivery, the entire know-how of the Wanecque metalwork will be engaged to ensure the full control of the production process.  Design drawings, working sketches, laser cutting, stamping, assembly, powder-coating and installation: Each step is managed in-house by our teams of specialists who will monitor your project up to its delivery and your first move down your IronSlide business slide!

All along your project, our specialized engineering consultants will be in charge to assist you in building an unforgettable object that will make your company stand out and display its importance!

The customized business slides can offer limitless creation opportunities.


Fully designed and manufactured in our French workshops in Bordeaux, your customized IronSlide business slide is the perfect mean to promote both your firm and the work of our teammates!  Most of them are members of the “Tour de France” (a movement to teach and practice certain ancient craft techniques) and are backed by an in-depth knowledge of the trade and its techniques, and all sixty Wanecque metalworker teammates work on each element, just as silversmiths do.

Because we work without any subcontractor and control the whole production chain, we are able to easily dismiss the risks usually linked to manufacturing and ensure flawless implementation and deadline compliance.

The lack of subcontractors in our production process assures you that a sole and unique contact will assist you from start to finish in the completion of your project and will keep you informed on its step-by-step progress.


Because metalwork is first and foremost our passion, every project and every client deserve the very best in services and support!

In order to work together and constantly optimize our work techniques, the Wanecque metalwork is committed to recommend the most advanced and innovative solutions to design, produce and install your IronSlide customized slide!


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